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Dr. Anjendra R Targe

M.D. Psychiatry, MBA – Healthcare

Dr. Anjendra R Targe

I am a Psychiatrist, Sexologist, and Addiction Psychiatrist, having an experience of 7 years in the healthcare world. I offer my consultation at “A” De-Stress, Mind and Sex Clinic in Kalyani Nagar, Pune.

Apart from general psychiatric problems, Sexual problems, De-addiction, Stress Management, Relationship Issues, New-age problems like Internet/Phone addiction, Digital amnesia, and problems arising out of myths and misconceptions about sex and sexuality are a special area of interest. I’ve done an MBA in hospital and healthcare, from Symbiosis International University, apart from my M.B.B.S, and M.D. in Psychiatry.

I try to maintain the utmost flexibility practice of psychiatric care. Being non-judgmental, objective, and compassionate is of-course the pre-requisite of my profession, but I try to be holistic and assess my clients, from their life-story-point-of-view with attention to various cultural, social, familial, and environmental factors.

Firmly laying down the principle that psychiatric illnesses are like any other ‘physical’ illnesses, I endeavor to instill this fact very firmly in people I encounter in various walks of life. I always try to make sure to weigh the comorbid medical/surgical problems and assess a psychological cause for the physical symptoms that my clients experience.

I use my years of experience in using modern psychotropic drugs, where appropriate, in clearing misconceptions that people have about psychiatric medications.

My professional ethos centers on de-stigmatizing psychiatric illnesses and care, creating awareness and getting clients back to their perceived best at the earliest.

Thanks to the cosmopolitan and ever-urbanizing nature of the city of Pune, a good chunk of my clientele have been international patrons, whom I try and make sure are made to feel at home with my treatment methods.