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Sexologist in Pune


Sexologist in Pune’ is one of the commonest searches on Google, and other healthcare platforms off late. And there’s a good reason for that. People are coming to terms with the importance of discussing sexual issues openly, and become aware of the fact that there are effective treatments available, tailored to individual needs, from a good sexologist in Pune.

The maxim, “There is no health without mental health” can’t ring truer considering the global rates of stress, and the resultant mental health problems like depression and anxiety making up for the burden on healthcare services worldwide. Stress-related issues like anxiety, depression, and sleep disturbances are always tightly associated with sexual problems, which is an often-ignored aspect.

Sex and issues related to it have always been a taboo topic in India. Because of lack of proper sex education, beginning at a school level, and parents’ hesitancy regarding discussing these issues openly with their children, sex and sexuality has been surrounded by immense confusion, myths, misconceptions, and pure ignorance. Such is the level of ignorance and lack of awareness, that ridiculous notions about its adverse impact on the body and psyche surround even a simple act of masturbation.

This is why seeking treatment for sexual problems has always been an affair cast with stigma, shame, and immense hesitation. This unfortunate aspect makes people, even from educated backgrounds shy away from coming out with their problems, discussing it in the open and consequently resulting in the delay in seeking help.

It’s a belief all over the world, van guarded by sexologists in Pune, that this is exactly why people still fall prey to a host of quacks who take advantage of the frightened and desperate folks seeking a cure, who offer unscientific treatments like ayurvedic churans, herbal supplements, and even non-existing and expensive ‘laser treatments,’ when the problem is psychological in most cases, consequently resulting in delays in seeking help with authentic and credible sexologists, until the problem becomes complex and severe.

I, as a practicing sexologist, always endeavor to clear these myths and educate people about the fact that sexual problems are very common, with a psychological element in most cases, should be openly discussed, are easily amenable to treatment, with myriad effective options available in the form of medicines, and therapy.

I see Pune at the forefront, witnessing the challenge that the stigma attached to Sex and sexual issues throws at the population at large, with eager and open-minded clients casting aside the doubts and myths about sex-related issues and walking the path of recovery with choosing the right sexologist in Pune.

Thus, serving as a Sexologist gives me immense satisfaction, and a sense of fulfillment as people are opening their minds and seeking help timely, and freely. I hope that the search for ‘Sexologist in Pune’ transforms from an anxious, secretive effort to an open and healthy discussion.

Sexologist in Pune

Dr. Anjendra R. Targe

M.D. Psychiatry, MBA – Healthcare