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Dr. Anjendra is very patient and allocates enough of time to hear you out completely. He’s extremely understanding and approachable, which makes it easier for explaining your problems. He is very professional in his conduct and didn’t resort to going all out on medication, instead, built a step by step programme which would be of better help in monitoring any improvement. His flexible timings and virtual availability make him contactable at any point of time, especially during a crisis. The doctor has really been a pillar of support during my recovery. One can absolutely trust his practice without any hesitation.
Tanvi - Visited For Anxiety And Depression
If I were you, I would book an appointment right away. I felt comfortable discussing my problems/issues/difficulties with him. Great listening skills.
Tanmay Banerjee - Visited For Anxiety And Depression, Difficulty Concentrating, Behavior & Thought Problems
He is young and understands modern world problems, his suggestions are practical and simple to adapt, taking treatment from him from past few days, hope will get better soon.
Nishant -
Dr. was very patient to listen to my thoughts. I felt very relaxed and happy. I love the way how he interacted and made things easy for me and made me comfortable as well
Palash - Visited For Male Sexual Problems
Nice was able to express my problem perfectly and he was so nice Dr understood my problem and gave me relevant advice and medicines
Neha -
Did help a lot..listened to every little problem of mine and the medicines are working too ….regular follow up sessions help a lot.
Mausami Mule - Visited For OCD Treatment
A doctor has helped me in every possible way to quit my addiction, pills he prescribed are working well for me. I’ll recommend this to all people suffering from some drug abuse or addiction.
Sankalp Dandvate - Visited For Drug Abuse & DE-Addiction Therapy
It was a very good experience. I explained about my issues in a very detailed manner. The way he explained the issues I am facing was also an impressive trait of the doctor
Vasu Rawal - Visited For Personality Assessment
The clinic was very comfortable and the doctor gave some very relevant advice. Highly recommended. The appointments are handled nicely.
Jessica -
Just one visit and I was already feeling positive that I will overcome my anxiety and depression. He listens very patiently, understands the situation and addresses the root of a problem. He made me very comfortable and I was able to discuss openly my problems. 2 months into his treatment and I am feeling better. I am finally finding myself happy again.
Satish Kumar - Visited For Anxiety And Depression, Marital Counseling
He is very helpful and has knowledge of the subject. His medicines are effective. He listens to the problem patiently and gives a solution to it very interestingly. He goes to the root cause of the problem and first treats it. Overall, very good experience.
Verified Patient -
Dr. Anjendra Targe is a very good psychiatrist, he will listen to you patiently and motivate you. I went to him for Anxiety issues and he tried to understand me. I advise everyone who lives in Pune to visit Dr. Anjendra Targe as he a very calm and great psychiatrist.
Riddhi Gandecha - Visited For Anxiety And Depression
He was very friendly and I was able to share what I was going through without being judged. He understands and gives solutions to one’s problems practically. I would recommend people who are suffering from depression to meet him. Thank you, Dr. Anjendra Targe, for understanding my problem.
Azmath pasha - Visited For Anxiety And Depression
Meeting with Dr. Anjendra R Targe made me lead to one step ahead. I had told all my remorseful situation. I was suffering from depression/anxiety quite some time. . He had carefully listened to and gave me advice, which I’m going to follow. I would recommend my family, friends and well wishes to him. He is a great person. Thank you, Sir.
Chini - Visited For Anxiety And Depression
I improved from my condition significantly after consulting Dr. Targe. His medication process has really helped me in getting over my anxiety issues. I like his approach to prescribing medication. He’s always concerned with your problems which most of the doctors don’t really care. As the treatment progressed I have been feeling better day after day.I would definitely recommend Dr. Target to people grappling with severe mind related issues.
Mr. Sitanshu - Visited For Anxiety And Depression
Thanks sir for your answer. On my questions. Online about me n my negative boyfriend… We need more private consultation n guidelines so we will definitely visit you
Piyush - Visited For HIV AIDS
Dr. Anjendra Targe is very sensitive listens patiently and is very cooperative. He always has a calm face best part. Being young I guess he understands present world anxiety better and suggests better.
Avinash Singh - Visited For Behaviour & Thought Problems, Anxiety Disorders Treatment
Patient listener. Asked me very insightful questions to make me think and answer. Felt very comfortable. Will visit for follow up in 20 days.
Jayadevan M - Visited For Anxiety And Depression
The doctor understands the problem well and makes it easy for the patient to be frank. His medication helped me in gaining confidence back. Friendly behavior of the doctor eases your problem. Staff is also cooperative. For patients like me, Dr. Anjendra is definitely recommended.
Varun - Visited For Erection Problems
It was very nice with Anjendra I am taking treatment from a long time…he comes like hope in my life…before that, I consulted with other doctors …but not satisfied… I would like to refer everyone to him…his best part is he understands the situation …gives enough time and treats like a friend.
Durgesh Rajpoot -
Ajendra is very down to earth person & knows how to make his patients comfortable so that they open up and give necessary details for treatment. He gives more of friendly advises than only instructions which make the consulting a real two-way communication.
Prashant K - Visited For Male Sexual Problems
Dr. Targe has been an excellent physician. He was very understanding and compassionate. He gave me a structured treatment plan which he explained fully. I would recommend him to my family and friends for sure. The best part of my visit is his full attention towards my problem.
Mohit Rishi -