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Psychiatrist in Pune


Psychiatrist in Pune’ is rapidly becoming a buzz-word on the search boxes of the various health apps available, as people are coming to terms with the importance of mental health, and the various treatments offered by the psychiatrists.

The maxim, “There is no health without mental health” can’t sound genuine considering the global rates of stress, and the resultant mental health problems like depression and anxiety increase the burden on healthcare services worldwide.

“Depression: let’s talk”, the WHO theme for 2017 couldn’t have more timely, reflecting one of the most important areas in the progress of mental health; talking about it.

Mental health, and with that seeking treatment for mental illness has always been an affair cast with stigma since ages. This unfortunate aspect makes people, even from educated backgrounds shy away from coming out with their problems, discussing it in the open and consequently resulting in the delay in seeking help.

The reason for this is that even with the rapid advances in psychiatric care in the last decade or so, mental health is still shrouded in myths, misunderstandings and ignorant thoughts like, mental illness is incurable, it is caused by sins and ill deeds from the past, or due to personal weaknesses, and divine forces.

It’s a belief all over the world along with psychiatrists, that this is exactly why people still fall prey to quacks who take advantage of the frightened and desperate folks seeking a cure and delay seeking help with mental health workers until the problem becomes severe.

I, as a practicing Psychiatrist in Pune, always endeavor to clear these myths and educate people about the fact that mental illnesses are like any other physical illness, and that infinite effective treatment options are available in the form of medicines, and therapy.

I see Pune at the forefront, witnessing the challenge that the stigma attached to mental illness and mental health throws at the population at large, with eager and open-minded clients casting aside the doubts and myths about mental illness and walking the path to recovery by choosing the right psychiatrist.

Thus, serving as a Psychiatrist gives me immense satisfaction, and a sense of fulfillment as people are opening their minds and seeking help timely, and freely. I hope that the search for ‘psychiatrist in Pune’ transforms from an anxious, secretive effort to an open and healthy discussion.

Dr. Anjendra Targe

Dr. Anjendra R. Targe

M.D. Psychiatry, MBA – Healthcare