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“It Is Never Too Late To Be What You Might Have Been”

What does mean Mental Health? Does something called ‘Mental Health’ exist? Until now the person who is suffering from mental illness is taken into account as a stigmatized, such people are labeled as lunatic. Many people suffering from depression, mood, anxiety, psychotic disorder etc. attempts suicide because they think that they can’t face people. Which people, those who even don’t know what is mental health? or they who are not aware of mental health? What is the first thing comes to mind when we think of good mental health? Being happy?

What is happiness?

Is having expensive materialistic things? or, having a person whom you love a most with you is happiness? Everyone is stuck in materialistic things without knowing what happiness means. All are getting attached to something, here something means people or materialistic things like my car, my house, my money, blah blah blah. Does happiness need to be earned, or is it a choice? Happiness is a choice! It is very easy to be happy, just be happy and see you are happy, simply just choose happiness.
What happens when a tragedy happens? These tragedies are oppressed by somebody or a person you love most in your life dies… and the big one Rahul Gandhi won in Karnataka…

According to a report from World Health Organization (WHO), over 350 million people are suffering from depression and this is a more serious issue. What are the things that can go wrong with mental health? This is a story of a guy, Shiv (name changed). Shiv is my patient, suffering from depression, we met in my clinic. He had come for a checkup, seated in front of me, started conversion over the cup of coffee (I offer to my patient for relaxation). He started telling his story “I was tense because today my result will be declared, fortunately, I scored well and I was very excited as most awaited my college is going to start. I got admission for science, the first day of college, all excited. The days were spending I made a lot of friends also I scored well in 11th. My actual story starts here. The competition started for 12th in the student, because as per the mindset of parents this year is the turning point in a students life. I due to pressure was unable to study and unfortunately, I failed in 12th, biggest tragedy(as per parents mindset) in my life. My parents stop talking me for a few days, my relative, neighbor no one was talking to me” said Shiv.
After a long breath and sip of coffee, continued Shiv “life takes a sudden reverse turn, I was thoughtless for some days. I took a decision! but here the problem was will my parents accept? Fortunately, parents accepted my decision with the anxious mindset to continue education and taking admission into a diploma. Finally, college start and I got free from the suffocating atmosphere of home.” quite sadly aforesaid shiv.
“Psychiatrist in Pune” is becoming a chop-chop searching buzz-word on the internet. In my career serving as the psychiatrist in pune, I have seen many cases of students failed in college and getting depressed. Why does this happen, In the rapidly growing competitive world to keep a child ahead along with the parental expectations are also growing. Parents even don’t ask what he/she wants to become, what does he likes or what are their choices. On other hand, parents are right at their place, the environment in which they grew, and the way they were cultured they are ok. But somewhere this has to be changed.


“Perhaps DEPRESSION is caused by asking oneself too many UnAnswerable questions.”

Shiv started speaking after a long-breath “In the first year I ranked top in the whole college, and then I become confident to start a self-study and then I was irregularly going to college. someone said ‘Empty mind is a house of ghost’. Same happened to me when I was alone at a hostel. Distinct thoughts were going into the mind and so I was getting distracted from the study. I was going away from friends mentally, I was feeling like to live alone. I don’t want anyone around me. I just wanted to be alone from everyone.” I didn’t disturb him.
He continued “Meanwhile I was feeling like I should have to commit suicide. I don’t know why but I just wanted to do. Mentally I was falling down and down, even I tried to commit suicide, once by cutting wrist, also tried by hanging myself and once at late night, I went to the river to jump off. But every time there was somebody to save me. Once upon a time, I was self-estimating, I come to a point every-time I tried to commit suicide there was somebody to save me. I thought nature wanted to do some work from me. So I decided to get rid all these bullied thoughts. Without wasting a time I turned on my cellphone and searched for the ‘psychiatrist in pune.’ I found your address and now I’m here to you looking for help to get out of depression.” Spoke Shiv.
After for a few months I gave him a therapy, this was the last day of his therapy, I wished him for future. Days were passing, one day a boy came to me I guessed he was Shiv, but this time he was happy, I the conversion with him, I get to know, now he is following his passion of entrepreneurship, he has dropped his college after completing diploma.

Last but not least…

“People are illogical, unreasonable, and self-centered.  Love them anyway.”

If anyone around you is in depression, just try to understand him/her, don’t let them feel alone even if he/she wants to. Talk at the personal level and if needed make an appointment with a psychiatrist.
Life is very beautiful, feel it, enjoy it, don’t waste a second of your life by being sad. If there are you there is everything. Feel your feeling, wanted to cry, cry freely, wanted to laugh, laugh freely. Live every moment. Happiness is within you, you need not find it outside. The power to change is within you. If you think you can make it happen. Follow your passion. Be detached from the materialistic things. Unleash yourself.

Be Happy

Let’s focus on what are the reasons for depression.

  • Past sexual, physical, and emotional problem
  • Personal conflicts with the family member or a friends
  • Sudden death or a loss
  • Serious illness
  • Substance abuse
  • There may be another reason depends.

To beat depression

  • Get help from a right psychiatrist
  • Engage yourself
  • Take a proper sleep
  • Do exercise
  • Consume nutrition
  • Unburden yourself
  • Go for a trip with friends or family
  • Choose happiness
  • Do meditation